What a weekend!

Friday a friend and I surprised justin with dinner at famous daves. We had this planned for almost 2 weeks. He had no idea which is hilarious to me. I told him right when he got to my house that I had to go to joanns for something right then. So we left. I drove us to famous daves, had a table waiting since she was already there. And he was so confused then SO surprised. It was perfect. She bought our dinner cause that was the deal. She even forced us to order dessert. Haha she is sorta pushy when it comes to things.

Before that I realized i’m too fat to fit into any of my pants. So that was pretty depressing. So saturday we went to goodwill and st vincents to check out the pants situation. It was really dumb cause on thursday I went thrifting for sweaters I was gonna look for pants but I decided I wasn’t into it. I should have though. Anyways, I did find two pairs one was kinda big/stretchy and the other would fit its just a little on the tight side though it wouldn’t be that way if I put them on in the morning. So I got them I thought iw as gonna be spending 14 bucks and I was kinda like ugh this is annoying. Though better than spending 30 for a brand new pair. But the guy told me it was 7 something and I was like uh what? Haha it was great. Then I found another pair at goodwill for 6 bucks. But that one is on the tight side so I will have to save them for later.
So now i’m starting to get on the exercise train. I absolutely have to at this point. So I made a schedule and a online friend of mine is going to help keep me accountable and i’m doing the same for her. Haha we are both needing this bad. I am working on drinking as much water as I should daily which is about 13 cups is what I need to stay hydrated. And i’m going to be drinking green tea. I also need to eat more often I don’t eat very much very often so thats another problem I have. But hopefully once I get going with this that weight will drop right off and I will be able to fit in my clothes again! That would be nice. I’d also like to not have this huge stomach anymore. I just need to keep with it.
Sunday we went to church, served in childrens ministry I love those munchkins they are so funny. Then we went out to bellevue and went thrifting again. The boy had found a really good pair of jeans for 10 bucks. That bellevue goodwill has some awesome stuff. I found so much pyrex stuff but I didn’t get any I didn’t like the colors. But I was just happy to find it haha. We found some books at the goodwill too. Then we went to target in factoria (still bellevue) and I did some exchanges. Then we went to the buffet for dinner it was good that day. Sometimes a lot of the food is hit or miss. But I got mostly winners with what I chose so that was good! Then we raced home to watch the amazing race we missed a few mins but thats alright.
Now I have to talk about duck dynasty. 
For one thing I wish I was part of their family for the sheer hilarity it all is. And I kinda wish that Si was my grandpa he is hilarious. We were watching an episode and they were blazing hot and then went to get snow cones. And there you have these gems (top and bottom):
And that is what I leave you with! if you haven’t seen that show. You should check it out asap!

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  1. Your weekend sounds fun! I always think about how I need to go to Goodwill in Bellevue or Redmond or anywhere on the east side, really. I can never find anything good at the one we go to in Everett.
    What buffet do you guys go to?

  2. Good luck with your weight loss- its so tough. My husband and I have been eating clean the past week and have each lost a few pounds- you should read Raw Food Life Force Energy. Its great.

  3. Hey lady! I found your blog from the Yours Truly blog hop and I'm now following you- I hope you'll stop by and follow me too! TOTALLY loving your blog design. It's so cute!! And I absolutely hate exercising so I wish you lots of luck! I've been on a wedding weight loss diet since March (getting married in 9 days!!) and I'm so ready for it all to be over!

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