well tuesday was kinda rawrish. i felt so bad for the boy cause a lot of things are going wrong lately and honestly this week has been crap. so has the last few months. there are a lot of things that really suck, the irs is trying to get him to pay money. and now there is a certified letter waiting at the post office. nothing was working right on his birthday. AND yesterday his phone got run over by a bus that he was trying to catch that didn’t stop for him.  i just don’t know what to do or how to handle it and its not like i get very much time with him anymore. and now all this its almost too much for me.

probably doesn’t help that my period started yesterday so i was all irritated and emotional and in a lot of pain. i dunno i’m just depressed i guess i need things to be better. i need to force myself to do something and to pray about it. but i still am just freaking out inside. well thats about all for now. i have to work on reading all these christmas books for review. and i need to work out. so i will leave you with a picture.

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  1. You can set up monthly payments to the IRS. We have to pay them every month for something they forgot to take out of our statement from two years ago and it is really dumb that they didn't take care of it, while we are still waiting for our state tax return which would cover all of what we owe. Don't be down about it. None of that truly matters compared to the relationship you have with him. I guess Rob and I never have money arguments, so this doesn't phase us as it might be you. I hope your spirits will be lifted through it all.

  2. Hang in there and as someone with serious period related symptoms… I can attest that they surely do not help. On the bright side a period, by it's very definition, must end.


    'just wanted to thank ya for joining me for An Aloha Affair. We have a beautiful team of bloggers hosting this week and I would so love it if you'd join us, again.

    'hope to see ya soon.



  3. Ugh that is horrible! if it makes you feel better…my brothers girlfriend broke up with him ON HIS BIRTHDAY! ya, he wasn't too impressed. Also periods are of the devil. HATE them so much! ew.
    Here's to hoping things start looking up for you guys! xo

  4. Hey girl! So glad you got to come over and link up with my new link up Not Quite There Yet. I have been meeting and reconnecting with lots of bloggers just like yourself that I have lots in common with! Next Thursday we will be back linking up our Twitter accounts!

    Talk to ya soon,


  5. it's good to vent! it can only get better now, right? here's to hoping it does! great picture :] looove the color of your sweater!

    ps- i need to work out too. still trying to find that motivation though. haha

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