crafting frenzy!

Sorry I disappeared guys. I miss blogging and reading/commenting on other blogs. I’ve been in a crazy frenzy for the last few weeks. Last minute I decided to try to do a christmas bazaar. I did get a lot of stuff made for it but no one bought anything. Except for two ornaments I made. So then I was kinad sad but then I made up a new store online so if you want to check it out please do and buy things I made! I spent so much time on this stuff and now have a spasm in my shoulder cause of it. Haha. Thats so horrible. 
Visit my  store on Storenvy
Anyways other than that nothing much has been going on. I’m so behind in pretty much everything, surveys, blogs, reading. I feel sorta overwhelmed by it. But i’ll get through hopefully. And now I will attempt to lose weight again by working out a lot. So i’m hoping I see results. I’m kinda sad about it all and the fact that my hair is still thin. I gotta get back on the vitamin ball and hopefully working out will help. I was toying with the idea of taking horsetail to see if that would help my hair situation. But i’m not sure about it. Anyone have any experience with that?

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  1. I've had issues with my hair thinning out as well. The weird thing is that I used to have really thick hair as a teenager. I have heard that thinning hair can be an issue related to hormonal imbalance. You might consider talking to your doctor about it.

  2. i love all your hats you make. they are very cute… especially the turquoise slouchy hat! i saw you mentioned hair thinning. do you know why? mine has been thinning, and ive been soo tired, but i was just diagnosed with anemia, so i think that may be why… have you looked into it at all?
    anyways, i am stopping by from the aloha hop! I wanted to say hi and follow! hope you can stop by =)

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