i was freaking out

so i haven’t written cause i’ve been trying to catch up on everything and i was freaking out about clothes to wear for a party. i don’t go to parties but the boys agency he is employed through is having a party. and its at the space needle. so since its a once in a lifetime thing most likely. we have to go.

problem was i’m too fat for all my clothes. but even so i don’t really own much in general. so i had to stress and i had been looking for something at goodwill everytime i went there. never found anything. and by some miracle i found something at target of all places. but then i needed a tank top to go under this dress cause it kinda showed a little too much for my liking (i don’t like to have that show at all anyways). i wanted a red tank top since the dress is charcoal grey. but i couldn’t find one. but then i got the bright idea to check other locations and there was maybe one at the downtown location so i asked the boy if he would go look and he did and he found the only one they had. so thats good.

here is the dress.

i’m just going to wear it with leggings cause i’m always cold and some flats. hopefully i won’t be too cold.

EDIT: i totally forgot about the fact that i was freaking out about the price. i had looked online and found this for 34.99 and i was hoping that i could find something cheaper cause i don’t like to spend too much money. when we got there, the dresses were on clearance! it was only 17 dollars. i had chosen another dress that was 26 but tried them on when i got home. cause i don’t like the dressing rooms.  anyways i’ll be wearing these earrings too not sure about a necklace yet.:

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