Merry freaking christmas

So it hasnt really felt like Christmas and lately its been a mess. We just now got our tree ornaments on. Its been up for a week with lights on it.

My extended family is a mess we arent having a get together and my grandma is going insane.

today it was super windy and I did shopping to try and finish everything. I didnt though. But when I was leaving the store. I was going in my car and the wind sorta kicked up and my door sorta went into the car next to me. It didnt leave any dent or scratch but the this super scary lady came out like knocked on my window and yelled at me. Talk about terrifying but I know nothing was there so I said sorry but I mean it was the wind. I couldn’t do anything but it rattled me. And I get super paranoid about being sued or people out to get me or something. Im crazy.

Ugh just not a great day…

99 thoughts on “Merry freaking christmas

  1. Reminds me of that book Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad day. My son loved it. I hope your day today is better. We all have days like that where it's like Murphy's law is in full effect. *hugs*

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