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Its such a great thing to have friends that blog or ones you “meet” while following their blogs. But man is it tough to build relationships.
Maybe its just me and my social awkwardness. But I have no idea where to begin. Which is funny but really sad at the same time. Its like you forget how to interact in any way possible.
Hopefully at some point that won’t be an issue. Does anyone else feel like this? I just can’t even fathom how to start to be an online friend anymore. I used to do chat rooms/instant messages when I was a teenager but now its like uh how do I even do this?
Such a weird issue.
Another thing I am not sure about is no-reply bloggers. When I get comments in my emails I can’t reply back to some of them because it has it set as a no reply. Which is a huge bummer cause some things i’d love to say back to a person. So people out there fix that! So I can reply back to you!
Blog layouts well I love mine but its a template and recently I saw that someone else had the same one. So that kinda bummed me out. But i’m also excited cause the boy knows html! And he and I are gonna work on a new layout for my blog. Yay! I don’t know what to even do though. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.
I’m not sure I even want to start to tackle that. Considering the day i’ve had today so far has been not so amazing. But we’ll see what the rest of the day brings.

3 thoughts on “Blog friends

  1. Social interaction is quite daunting but it does get easier. I've been blogging 6 years now and I've seen such a lot of changes in that time. I found you on Oh So Amelia's blog hop today, so you're doing a great job already.

    Your blog looks fine to me. I use a Blogger template also but that's because I'm a complete technophobe and am scared to fiddle with templates and things, lol.

    CJ x

  2. Hey, thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hi! I can totally relate to this post, it can totally feel daunting and seem like relationships are never going to develop, but I promise they will. It's all about interacting by commenting on posts and on Twitter and Instagram and whatever social networks you're on. Just be genuine, comment when you mean it and when you have something to contribute instead of just commenting for the sake of commenting, you know? Just jump right in and be yourself and give it time 🙂

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