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Oh goodness. I just didn’t get a chance to write about christmas, new years or that christmas party. Here we go with a catch up post. The christmas party: so I got that dress and had my whole outfit done. It was pretty hilarious to go to the space needle for some crazy event and bring my junker of a car to valet parking. And it was pretty there but man that party was boring and most of the food wasn’t even good at all. It was pretty depressing honestly. We left after the raffle. But we went up to the top of the space needle first. It was WAY cold and I was outside for less than a minute. It was just so windy and cold and dark. So it was pointless. So then we went back to my house and watched tv and ate haha. It was pretty sad. We were home by about 8:30… most of the people there were kind of obnoxious and then they were drinking SO much alcohol it was so crazy to me. So I was glad to be home. The boy wasn’t having fun either. Christmas: oh boy was that full of drama. My granny is nuts! My cousin had set it up where we would go to grandmas and make cookies with her boys. Either my grandma wasn’t listening when she agreed or shes just going senile. But a few days later when my mom mentioned it grandma flipped her lid. So that didn’t happen. Then all this other drama about my cousin and how she only wants money and other crap. Which isn’t true since she told grandma to give her nothing and to not do it in front of her. My grandma though seems to hear what she wants to hear and tries to spin it her way. Or she just complains and makes huge deals about everything. So there was that we did go for sandwiches and dessert though which was sorta painful in itself. I was bracing myself the entire time, hoping that she wouldn’t flip out. But she had to say her crap after my cousin left. Then she made a huge deal about how my cousin got what she wanted, Christmas eve. Since we didn’t have anything on Christmas eve. Cause grandma flipped and said nothing was happening no one was getting together. Then she was spewing crap about how my cousin stole it. Well uh my family didn’t go anywhere we weren’t invited anywhere. Grandma said there was nothing going on and my cousin has her own family with her mom and her brothers so of course they would go there since grandma specifically said there was no christmas eve gathering. Then she had to blow everything out of proportion yet again and make the huge deal about it all over and how next year she isn’t doing anything christmasy at all. No presents or decorating. Shes such a drama queen. She drives me nuts! For my immediate family we made a ham and had roasted potatoes and it was a good dinner. In the morning we went out to see the hobbit which was good then we cooked the dinner and while that was cooking we did the presents. So that was good. It was pretty enjoyable. New years: nothing really went on that day. We hung out , we originally had plans with friends. But they got sick. So nothing happened. Other than that, I got sick with this weird virus thing, my throat was swollen and had white stuff all in the back of my throat it was nasty. And I still have the exhaustion part of the virus. Well and the throat is hurting again cause I wasn’t smart and didn’t disinfect my toothbrush and my retainer. What an idiot. But anyways. Right now the boy and I are really into crafting. We went to joanns and got a bunch of cross stitching stuff. We are into that right now. I got him into it and its pretty fun. Cause now we are gonna work on making patterns. I can’t envision it but he can so that is good. We are also into thrifting. We hit the motherload the other day with books, found some shell silverstein books and a mint condition set of LOTR and Hobbit. And i finally found a pattern that wasn’t ugly, not chipped piece of pyrex! i screamed! cause i was so excited. But i also took it out of the bins they have when they are putting things out. I contemplated for a minute then i just took it when no one was around. Then i went to show the boy and i was all spazzing out. It was a happy moment. Other than that we are trying to communicate more and work hard on our relationship which is tough. I’m sorta in a reading slump but I gotta get cracking with that cause of reviews that need to be done. And now the boys brother is coming next month during my birthday. There is already drama with that but its not my drama to get into. He had a girlfriend here. But I guess they are no more. And I really don’t know the issues. I just know that the boys parents drive me insane. They are so offensive and it makes me wonder what they say about me behind my back with all of their religious cultness. Ugh. Hopefully out of all of this we can talk to the boys brother a lot more since we don’t talk to him at all. And i’m excited for all these new followers. I gotta get back into blogging for sure!

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  1. My grandmother is a bit nutty too. She doesn't think she has high blood pressure even though she's on the medication. "Look the machine says I'm fine!" "Yeah, because you're taking the medication!"

  2. That's too bad that the party at the Space Needle was a letdown. I've always thought it looked cool and would go if I ever make it to Seattle. That's awesome that you found mint condition books thrifting. I loved Shel Silverstein so much when I was little and still have all my books. 🙂

  3. Hopefully things will slow down for you now that the most hectic of seasons is over :))

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  4. Wow, you sure have been busy! I hope you aren't getting sick again! Throw your toothbrush out–NOW! 😉
    Sounds like you had a pretty crazy holiday with good ol Grandma! I hope she's not always like that. (Your poor cousin!)
    And good luck with the brother and parents this week! 🙂

  5. Hopefully this month will go better:) There's always going to be drama with family over the holidays- for some reason, you just can't get away from it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day:)

  6. Such a busy post and I was laughing when I read it, envisioning you talking through it all, lol.

    Glad you have so much good that happened, and sorry about the virus!

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