im a spaz…

so the other night i was laying in bed on my phone. well i dropped my phone…..on my face. my lip specifically and then it bled. so stupid. but those kind of weird things happen to me. It is sorta funny though.

Another thing that amuses me is this. So a ton of people dont care about football right? But the minute that your states football team is in the playoffs suddenly there is double the amount of fans. Sometimes that gets on my nerves. But it is crazy to see the church so empty because its game day.

Not that im any better cause I am blogging during the sermon. It could be worse.

I signed up for a valentines day swap on a blog called rags to stitches and im super excited about it. Ive never done anything like that before.

I also got a box from influenster yesterday that post will be coming soon. If you want an invite let me know. I have a few more invites left.

Im hoping I get my new review books in the mail this week cause im just super excited about them all. And hopefully I will be out of my reading slump and my examiner column will be updated a lot more frequently.

And now I will get back to working out regularly since my sickness is gone. We are also preparing for a visit from the boys brother next month. A bunch of exciting things.

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