i’m just blah.

Well the boy and I are still working on the layout for my blog it is getting there though. Its not up obviously but it should be soonish.
This past weekend we were working on organizing/getting rid of stuff in his room. And cleaning a lot. We made a lot of headway which was good. And I found an amazing oak bookcase and we got that one. Then we got another bookcase but I don’t really like that one its mostly a cheap one. So that helped but we only have a few more things to do in his room until its completely done, organized and clean. Which is good cause his brother comes a week from thursday! So saturday we will finish up everything else. But I have to work on my room. Maybe today i’ll get to it.
Sunday the boy and I went and got hair cuts I got a bunch chopped off. And I was really liking it until yesterday when I really stopped and looked at it. I realized that its so jacked up as in not even like anywhere. Even one side is longer than the other! So i’m not going to that place ever again and my mom will fix it up today but geez thats annoying. I’m totally sad about it and anxious about it getting too short.. but i’m sure it will be fine. I just am mostly annoyed about it in general. But it will be fixed today. I had to fix my bangs yesterday they were soooo uneven.
I’m blah about it.
Well i’m still sorta sick but yesterday I worked out a little. Today im tired probably cause I got woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep.
I’m excited for the boys brother to come it will be fun. And then we may bake/decorate cookies with my cousin and her boys. So that should be good too and and all throughout its birthday week! But during birthday week I have to go get a blood test. Hopefully my levels wont’ be super horrible. I just started taking all my pills consistently again. I’m sorta nervous that my levels won’t be to where they should cause I haven’t been doing my pills consistently but I guess i’ll just deal with it when it is here. And hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Blah.
Well I suppose I better go and clean up and try to read these books I have to read. I have to read these three books by feb 22nd. Ack! I hope I can get it done. I’m almost done with one then I have two left. Then I get to choose another off my review pile. And if you aren’t following my reviews on you should! I have gotten a few up lately. Check it out and subscribe!

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