So today i’m going to rant again.

These are my thoughts.
I heard macklemore for the first time today. And honestly I just don’t get it. I guess its not for everyone. But really? Its just so weird and wrong and I dunno. Not my favorite music ever.
The other day the boy and I went out to lunch at our favorite mexican place. Usually there is great service and stuff. That day not so much. Our waitress basically never came back. There were other ladies that would refill our water and get us what we needed. But our waitress was like yacking away ignoring her tables. We waited and waited and we had to ASK for our check. Like seriously we waited at least 10 minutes before we even asked for it. And then she gave us the wrong check. It was really weird. Also haha one of the peppers had a sticker on it still. I didn’t want to say anything but man service sucked.
Today we went to watch kids for a bible study group. We’ve watched all of these kids mulitple times at church and when we watched for the bible study before they split into two groups. One of the boys is so funny he seriously talks so loud. Like think of when you are talking to an older person who has a hearing aid that doesn’t work. Thats how loud he was talking. It kinda made me think I was going gonna go deaf from him yelling all the time. They are funny though. The boys kept saying parts of the movie were scary. Then the next second. They were all “THATS SO COOL” 4 year old boys are silly. And the movie was finding nemo hahah go figure.
I’ve been watching everybody loves raymond on netflix and man is it hilarious sometimes.
I finally got around to hemming some pants. Its so horrible pinning it takes so long and sometimes it just hurts. But I finally got it all done so I feel good. And I got it all right on the first try of sewing it. So that was a bonus.
Hoping tomorrow I get more of my book reading done since i’m behind in reviews. But all these books I attempt to read I don’t like. It seems impossible. But I guess I can’t like every book I have. Anyways til next time!

4 thoughts on “So today i’m going to rant again.

  1. I used to be a waitress so I find that I am incredibly judgmental of them…as in I have high expectations. Like, it annoys me if a waitress takes our order (just me and my hubby) and then sets the wrong food in front of us…like, seriously, how hard is it to remember who ordered what at a table of TWO? But I always over tip…cuz I remember that part of it too :))

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