the internet is funny

I suppose I have a lot on my mind. So here are my thoughts on a few various things.
First, today I saw a status on someones facebook page. I don’t know this person but this person seems to like to get mad for the sake of being mad I guess. I go to mars hill church in Seattle, mark driscoll is the pastor and he gets a lot of flack for a lot of things. Most of which are taken out of context. But this is just funny. First i’ll touch on this one that relates to facebook. So this person posted this:
Sounds like Jesus. Sure glad this guy influences a large number of people. – facebook friend
Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know. – Mark Driscoll quote from today which she shared onto her page.
This makes me laugh because for one thing everyone acts like if you go to his church you do everything he says. But uh that’s not true and for one thing hes not Jesus. But that doesn’t mean you going to that church that he pastors means you have to believe or follow everything that the pastor says. That’s just stupid and I don’t know why people think that. But I guess that’s another issue. But honestly what he said wasn’t even bad. Everyone acts like if he says something without thinking about it first (which come on everyone does multiple times in their lives) that hes just some horrible person. Um hes a human! Like everyone else in this world. Being a pastor doesn’t make you perfect but he never claims to be either. I just think its wrong when people say the same off the cuff things sometimes and they don’t get blasted for it either like cause they say it, means its still okay? I dunno its just annoying I guess. But what he said today was actually pretty funny. Its not horrible.
If the president believed in the bible he wouldn’t think abortion or gay marriage were okay. And plenty of other things.
Another thing that bugs me is the local news did a story on mars hill last week. Pretty much blasting them for how they put it “not allowing gays in our church” that doesn’t mean they can’t come to the church it means biblically they can not be members of the church. Cause that’s a sin. Its not rocket science people! Geez.
Another thing I find hilarious is this video I saw on the internet about california complaining about the cold weather. It made me laugh. They make a huge deal about Seattle last year with our cold/ice/snow stuff. But we have a lot of hills and that doesn’t work so well with ice… but anyway funny stuff.
next thing I need to talk about is last week I had put the cans out for garbage/yard waste/recycle day. The next day I went to bring the cans in. and I found something not so great in my garbage can. I hate when people do this. But they stuck their baggie of dog poop in my garbage can! I get that its on the street. But keep your own dang dog poop for your own garbage can. Seriously people!
Anyways now i’ll talk about whats going on with me haha. After all of that rage. I seem to be sick but I don’t really have a runny nose i’m just tired and my voice is all crazy. Its sorta scratchy/raspy which is always funny. We’ve been working on cleaning the boys room for his brothers visit. Most of the problem is organization but we got a lot of stuff out of there paper wise so its getting a lot better. But still more work to be done for that. His brother annoys me with the lack of communication about the trip thing. I need plans and stuff especially since i’m the one with a car.
His girlfriend/not girlfriend anymore avoided us at church yesterday that was a tiny bit awkward. I’m too tired to care.
I need to muster up some sort of energy to go do what I need to do. But i’m not sure that will happen. So I should just go do my reading which I need to get done asap.

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  1. First…I hope you feel better soon…will pray for you! Second…UH HUH…I totally agree with what you said about the President! It's a shame…shame…shame! Thanks for linking up with us thru the Resolutions in Motion Blog Hop! Happily following you now!

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