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Influenster Palmolive box

For this box Influenster sent three full sized dish soaps.

i didn’t know how that would ship i had seen a bunch of people say that their soaps had leaked and most of it was gone. so i was a little worried about that but i got it and only one had leaked but it wasn’t much of a leak at all. the bottle just wasn’t shut all the way.

so my opinion on these, i did not like the ginger one. but the lemon thyme and the lime ones were great. i gave the ginger one to my moms work and they were excited about it.

i am not sure about the soaps in general though because it seems like it takes a lot more soap to get a good sudsiness to the water. at least compared to dawn which is what we normally use. it did wash the grease off pretty good though. the lids don’t really open and close with ease that makes you want to not use it honestly. would i buy it normally? probably not but it was a good thing to try. thank you to influenster for providing these for review!

i wasn’t compensated in anyway and my thoughts are my own.

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