its been busy around here

this entry is a little random but just go with it. the next entry will be about my birthday and the boys brothers visit!!

last week I went and finally got a blood test and I was freaking out about it. Cause my hair is pretty bad as far as its thinning. And I thought all my levels were going to be really horrible. So I stressed about it all until friday when I got the results. My thyroid level is in perfect range and another thing she checked for was also in a good range. But my iron was still pretty low. So I have to bump that up higher and take a double dose of biotin. But she is still worried a little bit not knowing if its some autoimmune thing. But I will just hope and pray its my weight and my iron. I freak out enough as it is and I don’t have the money to get a test like that. But the bonus of this was I got all my labs done for free! Good thing too cause that would have been super expensive.
I bought a big cd case and I was just tired of having all those dvds in a little shelf they were overflowing and I was just tired of going through five million dvds to find the one I wanted. So I threw away all the cases and put them in that cd wallet thing. It feels so good to have that done now.

one sunday while the boy and I were watching the kids at church. One of the girls was all “teacher teacher!” to me and I was like “uh what?” first I don’t like to be called teacher but thats another thing. So she said really loudly “i have tangled panties” and then all of us started busting out laughing it shocked me but it was just so funny I couldn’t help but laugh. Then later when I took the same girl and two other kids to the bathroom she said she got them at costco. Then all the kids started talking about costco and how they get samples and you can buy toilet paper and all this other stuff it was the funniest thing ever.
and thats all i have for now. later this week i will have another post. maybe tomorrow! 
and this weekend i have to use more of my birthday meal coupons. though i’m sad that goodwill didn’t send a coupon. 🙁 but i love those free birthday meals! yay birthday month!

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