Valentines day mug swap

I particpated in a valentines day mug swap through the sew caroline and rags to stitches blogs.

i’ve never done this before but this is what i recieved.

Im not sure if i’ll participate again. the candy was good and the mug is okay but nothing i’m totally wild about. there was one more hot chocolate that was a raspberry one that i gave to the boys brother. i just didn’t totally feel like i would connect with my partner. hers wasn’t a blog i wouldn’t get into in general. i hope she likes her goodies.

194 thoughts on “Valentines day mug swap

  1. Sounds like a fun swap idea! And your package looks like a yummy one. 🙂 Too bad you didnt connect well with your partner. But at least she sent you your package! I participated in one where my partner never even sent me my package. It was pretty disappointing.


  2. That's the hard thing about doing an exchange- you often get something that you don't care for, meanwhile you think you got something great for your recipient. I think it's because everybody has different tastes. What I think is cute or awesome, the next person may find lame.
    I appreciate the honesty in this post:)

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