interesting happenings

Well today was weird. Its getting closer to the day when my light will finally be fixed. We have old wiring in part of our house and my light is attached to it. Ive been using this tiny lamp for 3 weeks now. It will be fixed thursday. And I have a new fixture. So thats exciting.

Not so exciting. Today while browsing on the internet, my screen went blank. i thought that my computer crashed but then my monitor started to smoke. So that was fun. And very smelly. Then I had to research monitors on the other computer. Ordered one even though I didnt want to. I would have liked one used or for free but I would be worried the same thing would happen again. Ah well, they arent as expensive as I thought. So thats good. Wont get to do much until the monitor comes. I can only do so much on my tablet.

8 thoughts on “interesting happenings

  1. Oh dear! It's always so disconcerting when things we rely on break. But then, I guess we have to remember that they are just "things." So glad I found your blog.

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