Since my serious posts I will do one not so serious.

I dunno how good it will be considering monday I got my period then tuesday/wednesday I got sick so now i’m still sick. Its kind of a bummer. I had planned to start working out this week again but that obviously didn’t happen.
I did get some reading done. And on sunday I got one of my blankets done.
I’m super excited to go thrifting/shopping at joanns tomorrow. Hoping to to find some good yarn or craft things at the thrift store as well as joanns to get some supplies for a chevron blanket I want to make.
I have this crazy cough, and my eyes keep watering. I also feel like i’m deaf in one ear but its just plugged. I’m kind of a mess. I just wonder where all the snot comes from honestly.
Over last weekend we did a lot of work. The boy, my dad and I had to clean out the upstairs we have knob and tube wiring and we are getting it out of there and rewired so we had to clean up all the storage. My mom couldn’t help because she has torn her meniscus. Boy it was hard and I worked up quite the sweat. Then we went out to dinner.
Sunday we went to church and then went out for lunch then went on a long walk at the park. It was so windy though but it was good we had a nice long talk and I think we connected more. Which is good.
Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know whats going on. Now i’m gonna go zone out again and have my crazy huge old man cough. Hopefully I will not get a massive headache again from all this coughing. Til next time!

12 thoughts on “Since my serious posts I will do one not so serious.

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