ugh google!

yesterday it was said that they are getting rid of google reader. but tons of people use it so i’m not sure why they are getting rid of it.

but man am i frustrated! i’m super picky about a reader and that was awesome. i’ve seen some people say they are getting rid of google friend connect though i’m pretty sure thats not true since i can’t find anything saying that. i dunno what feedreader i will use now though. i’m maybe going with feedly or bloglovin but i am not sure on either one. feedly will take on the appearance of google reader i guess after july. which is intruiging. but bloglovin didn’t import all my feeds. and its a little overwhelming to go through every one and see which it didn’t subscribe to.

long story short.. i’m mad and over whelmed with the whole process.

620 thoughts on “ugh google!

  1. I looked it up and apparently Bloglovin (on purpose) doesn't allow you to see all your followers. Just a couple at a time. Something about you following blogs anonymously. How strange!

    But you can set it up for them to email you when someone begins to follow you. I'm not sure if it's a cool feature or kind of a nuisance!

    I will have to check out Feedly!

    Good luck!

  2. I know. It's super frustrating. I'm using Bloglovin'. Even though I had to go through all my blogs, but at least I got some spring cleaning done with all the blogs I read!

  3. I'm not gonna lie; I kind of wanted to throw a tantrum when I went to Google Reader and saw that message. I've been using GR to follow feeds for so long, and since I prefer a web-based reader, I have no idea where to turn.

  4. i am super disappointed about that too!! I was able to import the blogs I follow into bloglovin. I had to "claim my blog" which was an option when I signed into bloglovin and then just clicked import google reader. I actually had to try a few times – i think because so many are trying to do it?

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