what a weekend…

Well the weekend was alright.
I did go to joann’s and thrifting but I didn’t find anything at goodwill and never went to the second one cause I was too worn out. I got some yarn from joanns but now I’m worried I won’t have enough for my chevron blanket. But that’s whatever I guess.
I’m on the mend, hopefully I’ll shake this stupid cold sometime soon.
The weather is beautiful out! I am super excited about the garden.
While out on Saturday I got a dress! It was from old navy which is surprising cause nothing ever fits me there but I’m excited about it.
Now I just have to get back on working out as soon as I’m done being sick. Ugh hurry up I need to lose this weight!
I have so many afghan ideas running through my head but I’m not done with one I was already working on. I need to do one thing at a time but I always jump back and forth craft wise.
This week we will have electrical work done on our house. And finally this weekend I will be able to have a light hooked up in my room. And I won’t have to use this tiny lamp that doesn’t put out very much light at all. But my light is hooked up to the bad wiring so we aren’t using it. Plus I had to get a new light fixture. And then our house will get back to normal after we go through all the stuff that was in storage and repack it. Then it can all go back up. Which will be a huge task. oi. Not looking forward to it. But it will be better to have space in the house back.
I’m reading a really good book called “secrets over sweet tea” by Denise Hildreth Jones and I have been aching to pick it up again but I was too tired or busy. Hopefully I can finish that book today and start another one.
Now I’ll go into irritation mode. My grandma is a difficult woman I’ve written about that before. Well this weekend it kinda all went to crap again. My grandpa had been sick for like 5 days at this point he wasn’t eating and was super congested and all this stuff. Well this weekend my grandma was going to a dog show and he wouldn’t go to the doctor so she just went anyways. Cause dogs are more important to her than people are. Well she told my uncle who lives a half hour away to go take grandpa to the hospital cause he wouldn’t listen to my grandma. Well I’m sure my grandma was just barking at him like usual and who wants to listen to that? Not me. So I don’t blame him. But my aunt and uncle took him to urgent care and they wouldn’t take him so he had to go to the hospital. Never mind that we live 5 minutes away from grandma and grandpa but that’s another issue I guess. But also the fact that no one was told that grandpa was admitted to the hospital. We find out like 4 hours later and my parents were in that same area that the hospital was in. but my cousin called my aunt and my aunt called my mom wanting to know info but uh we don’t know anything. It was a huge mess. And then my parents went to the hospital cause they had called to see if he was admitted and he was. But again no one calls to let anyone know anything. Such a great family.
Not only that but when my parents got there. Grandma comes up with this gem “ how’d you know he was here?” um what do you even say. He IS her father for craps sake! Ugh not only that but this all happened on Saturday. Sunday grandma still went to the dog show and didn’t go see grandpa her freaking husband at all. And didn’t call him either. AND also shes not going til this afternoon because he has a lunch to go to with people its been planned for months. Cause these people haven’t known the whole family for pretty much their whole lives and would understand that grandpa is in the hospital for the first time ever in his life with double lung pneumonia and a heart problem. Cause hes been on the wrong blood pressure meds for years which we also told grandma but because my aunt says shes known this for years makes it all about her yet again. When my dad had that same meds and it caused swelling so we knew first hand and told grandma but she never did anything about it. AND grandpa hasn’t even been going to a doctor. Hes been going to an RN. oi. He was on the same med 3 doses but they were different names. This is such a mess. And I’m so disgusted with my grandma. I can’t even believe her.
Now I’m all fired up again I need to get back to my happy place. Hopefully I can get to feeling better and stuff.
And maybe I could have some friends to talk to soon. But I doubt that will happen either. Off to email replying I go!

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