I have a bit of craft frustration.

I’ve been trying to get this big granny square afghan up and done. But every time I start and restart it just never works. I know how to make a granny square but when I get to the 9th round no matter what it gets all crazy and deformed.
I’ve tried basically everything it does it no matter what. Its super disappointing. And I don’t know how to fix it. So I guess I just can’t do it at all. I tried even doing it in a circle and still it went all cockeyed.
I am so frustrated with it all that I am just not gonna crochet for awhile and focus on reading books instead. But crap I wanted to get this stupid project done and its not working for the life of me! Ughhhh I hate that. Anyone else have that happen?

23 thoughts on “I have a bit of craft frustration.

  1. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. Take your own advice, step away from the crochet hooks and back away. Go read a few books and I am sure when you come back to it, you'll have figured it out 🙂

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