Its a monday that is for sure.

Lets run over everything that has happened. The dog had to be taken to the vet because she cracked a tooth. It will be pulled out this week. Second time shes done this. So we took away the toys she had.

Second thing that has happened. I hurt myself…. I was taking the dog outside to potty before she went to the vet. Sometimes she pisses on the floor at the vet. Well I didn’t make it outside as planned. Because I fell out of the front door to the concrete porch. Not sure how I did that but I skinned up on knee kinda stretched out my calf on the same knee. And hurt my foot on the other leg. It hurts sooooo bad. I don’t think I broke it but on one side of my foot its super tender. Super embarrassing cause some guy heard my crash and yelled “are you okay” and then it just hurts and thats just pissing me off. I have things to do. I can walk a little bit but I hobble. just hoping its super bruised.

Such an annoying thing. Hope everyone elses monday is going well.

9 thoughts on “Its a monday that is for sure.

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  2. I've never heard of a dog breaking a tooth! That's crazy. Sorry about your fall- I recently took a tumble in my driveway. I was carrying a big casserole dish wrapped in a towel. Luckily the towel was thick enough that the dish didn't break. But I scraped up my knee and elbow and tore my leggings! I have found that the older I get, the less resilient I am after a fall!

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