its really irritating…

when you can’t move around or do things the way you want. since i hurt my foot/ankle (mostly my foot) i just can’t do everything i want to do. and its really frustrating to me.

so last wednesday my poor sweet dog had her tooth extracted. it was so difficult to see how out of it she was with the anesthesia and the drugs.

poor girl couldn’t control herself at all, she pooped cause she couldn’t get up. and her poor somewhat bloody tongue was hanging out cause she still couldn’t control it at times. oi it was horrible!

add that to me not being able to move around so well and my foot is pretty bruised up. i keep freaking out about it since its been a week and my foot isn’t all THAT better. but i can walk on it without pain for the most part. but it is pretty green/purple. that didn’t start happening til a few days ago though. i guess its just really super bruised. its also swollen which is really awkward feeling. blah.

this weekend the boy and i have a packed schedule. we are gonna go to the tulips and the spring fair. i just hope my foot holds up. not sure how its gonna play out. hoping for the best though.

i started a new blanket but i keep getting frustrated with it. i’m making a huge granny square blanket. and it keeps buckling but i’m not sure how to fix it so i just hope it will snap out of it as i go along. thats all i really can do. from what i’ve noticed on research ive done. but i sure got a snarky reply on a forum about how they don’t know how you could screw it up and it end up wonky like that. i was like geez thanks.

tomorrow i’m babysitting a 8 month from 9 am til 6 pm its good money but i might die. i just hope hes in a good mood. and maybe while he naps i can get a lot of reading done. i’m not sure i want to bring my crocheting with me. since i have to read two books by the 22nd.

anyways thats all i got for now. feel free to comment/email/anything else i’d love to connect with you!

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