Oh boy what a few days its been.

So last week my monitor blew up. I bought a new one it came on friday. Thursday and friday we had the electrical guys here fixing our old wiring so that was good. But my room was difficult and had some extra time. It was making me all nervous and it was a mess. But its all done. Then I thought my light was going to get fixed. We had a new fixture and then my dad just needed to put it up. That was going to happen yesterday but then he was starting to put it up moved the wire a bit and then part of the ceiling came off. Haha. So now he has to cut a hole and redo the sheetrock because the sheetrock got so brittle with the old light fixture getting so hot and all. So thats another problem. We still have all our stuff out of the storage upstairs so we started going through some of it and repacking/getting rid of some of the stuff. We have a lot of work to do with that. But the upstairs isn’t ready for all the stuff to be put back. Oh man its all such a mess. Its also a mess trying to figure out plans for the month. We want to go to the spring fair and the tulip festival. But it takes planning due to serving at church and when the flowers bloom and other stuff. Thats sorta annoying. I am however doing well with crafting I have many plans for some blankets. I am excited. I am doing really bad at reading though. Sad cause i’m super behind with that and writing reviews. Another stupid thing this week. The water will be turned off all day on friday. Sucks I babysit that day and I have to shower WAY ahead of time. Oh well. I just hope that I can get reading done there. Anyways. Thats about it for whats happening right now.

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