the joys of family…

I have written about my family issues before. This weekend more are happening!
My grandma is totally losing it. My grandpa still isn’t better has fluid on the lungs. My aunt (that isn’t blood and kinda drives everyone nuts) has been going with my grandparents to the doctor appointments. Found out because grandma is taking bits and pieces of things and making up her own account of what has been said.
Its like she doesn’t want to admit things are happening. But she also doesn’t seem like she cares that much. I dunno what her deal Is but its going crazy around here.
Saturday my aunt called mom saying that my uncle took grandpa to the hospital again because he can’t breathe pretty much at all since he has so much fluid in his lungs and its freaking him out. So that was that. And my mom is usually the one that no one contacts or pays attention to at all for whatever reason. My uncle got onto my grandma about the fact that she wasn’t calling my mom about this. He got REALLY mad at her. He asked grandma if she was going to call mom and shes all no I’ll call her tonight. And hes like “no mom don’t you understand how important this is?!” so for once someone vouched for my mom which is good but weird. I dunno shes going super insane, I dunno what my grandma is thinking or feeling but now shes playing the victim. Mom went to the hospital and then her brother motioned to her to come talk to him. And he was totally melting down and talking to my mom which NEVER happens. So its just really weird but I guess its good. But now grandma thinks mom and my uncle are conspiring against her. I dunno its all blowing my mind honestly. Now shes going back to not talking to mom at all for whatever reason. I think she thinks everyone wants to take all her stuff. Which is stupid cause one thing most of her “stuff” is crap. But there are no plans in place for anything. They are getting older and no one knows anything. Its between mom and my uncle. My other aunt isn’t even in control of her own medical decisions cause of her MS. Oh golly its just a huge mess. And my granny is going off the deep end. I hope she snaps out of it. Cause my great grandma had to be institutionalized I never knew her. But she had major issues and that’s just what happened.
I just wish my grandma cared or anything. She doesn’t seem like she cares about anything. She kinda doesn’t have any type of maternal bone in her body. Which is hard. But its also hard when she mixes everything up then gets super defensive. Thats part of the reason why I don’t want to go see her at all. I mean its not like she was ever a grandma to me. We didn’t do anything with her. She sat us in front of the TV and that was that. Oi what a great big mess.
If anyone feels inclined to pray for my grandpa/family that would be great.

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