The Ultimate Blog party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Hey for the last few years i’ve participated in the ultimate blog party. Its a blog hop for various kind of blogs and its a week long. The best part is there are prizes!
If you are new around here welcome! I’m amy and I am from the lovely emerald city. This little space is just basically me talking/ranting/sharing bits and pieces of my life and my struggles my joys and everything in between. I also do some book/dvd reviews. Other times I have other types of reviews also.
What I love to do in my spare time is blog, read, try to cultivate relationships with other bloggers, and I LOVE to craft. I crochet, cross stitch and many other types of crafts. I also love to dabble in photography.
I’m usually pretty random so if you stick around awhile (I hope you do) thats what you’ll get!

64 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog party!

  1. Thanks for following! I'm your newest follower 🙂 I love finding new blogs and will definitely have to go through your book reviews. I'm always on the hunt for something to read.

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