Blog every day in May day 1: 250 word life story

I’ve seen talk about this may blogging challenge. And I figured what the heck?! At the last minute i’ll get on this blog challenge. So the first post is a 250 word life story.
I was born, raised and still live in the lovely town of west seattle, washington. I still live in the same house and room as i’ve always lived. I still live with my parents which for most people would get annoying but for me I don’t mind. I try to find work as nanny, but right now just babysit. As a child I had a pretty great childhood. There were hard times like my brother getting cancer when I was 9 years old, then not long after that I ended up in the intensive care for asthma. Which was really an allergic reaction to chlorine. I never had many friends growing up, that did carry on throughout my whole live. A few friends is better than none or really crappy ones. When I was teenager I got into christian chatrooms and band message boards. I met a lot of my best and dearest friends on those and I still have those precious friendships now. One of them happens to be my boyfriend! So thats pretty awesome. I was never one of those teenagers that caused their parents havoc, always been quiet, always liked to read and craft. Mostly like to stay at home, watch tv and do the above mentioned activities. I would love to have blogging friends but i’m sure it will happen in time. Thanks for reading!
Word count is: 229!

the cancer/chlorine things are all fine. he  has been cancer free for 19 years. and i just don’t go in chlorine. sorry for not including that!

185 thoughts on “Blog every day in May day 1: 250 word life story

  1. Great getting to know more about you!
    I have always wondered if I get allergic reactions to chlorine at times. There are times when I've gone in the pool, and I don't swim, but my eyes would get so red and itchy/burning it was insane!

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