Oh boy oh boy has a lot been going on.

So tired of the drama, of people overreacting with things in my family. I think its calmed down now. My grandpa is finally home from the hospital he was supposed to go to a rehab facility but he refused cause he has bad memories of those places. So hes at home and I guess a home healthcare worker will come to check on them.
Last week my mom had to go to urgent care, was diagnosed with vertigo she had to stay home from work all week.
I’ve also had the retainers I have (I had braces when I was a teenager and still wear my retainers) have issues and one has a hole in it so I have to go get those replaced. Thank goodness I found a place to make them and its where I used to go for my braces but that orthodontist doesn’t have that practice anymore. But it all worked out have an appointment. But ugh so annoying.
In better news my foot/ankle is getting better! I’m so happy it is not feeling as horrible as it did. It still hurts slightly. Its been 5 weeks now. But at least i’m on the mend.
I dunno there seems to be a whole lot going on and a ton of anxiety and I dunno its just crazy. And I don’t even know what to say or write about.
I guess the relationship with the boy is getting better. Hes had a lot of homework lately hes in the home stretch with school. I have a bunch of anxiety about the job situation because we don’t really know whats happening with his contracted job right now and then he finishes school in the summer. So who knows i’m just trying to trust that things will be alright.
Well thats about all I can think of to blog about right now.

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