long week..

Its been a long week and i’m just exhausted honestly. Probably doesn’t help that i’m pmsing but gosh the stress of the whole week is crazy.
The dentist was alright I was super emotional period. And then I ended up having one cavity. I don’t have the money for it really but its how it is so I have to deal with it.
We finally heard about the boys job and he has one so thats good.
I have a new obsession which is banana chips, I got them at trader joes in my search to find dried fruit for snacks since we can’t really snack on chips. Although we did find root veggie chips at trader joes also. So thats pretty good. I was always pricing out/seeing what kinds of food we can have for road trips for august! So i’m excited about that.
Also with that I am able to use my moms car which is great! So everything is finally falling into place. Now if only I had a nanny job i’d be golden.
I just feel so blah lately I don’t have much motivation and I feel yucky. But with the food thing i’m doing good. Just looked up a bunch of recipes and looked up menus at restaurants to see what we can eat and not be in too much trouble haha.
So thats exciting. I dunno what else to talk about. I just haven’t been doing enough reading or anything like that. And I really am still annoyed about google reader. But such is life
until next time people.

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