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VeggieTales Dvd Reviews!

Well i’m very behind in reviews so i’m going to clump them together. These are all veggietales movies and they are all available now.
First is-
Lettuce Love one another:

This is a compilation of three different veggietales shows, with other messages in between. its really awesome in my opinion i love to have a compilation like this. its cheaper and when you find that all of them go together to find the same message it makes it more awesome. i had shown this one to some of the kids i watch and they loved it. none were scary or anything. i just love the humor and the message.

next is –

The Little House That Stood:

this one was SO awesome it was so funny and so true and i love when you as an adult can still pick up on new things you didn’t know before. the kids LOVED this one and while watching they would pick up on little lessons and mention what the characters were doing wrong. it made them talk a lot about it which was great to hear 4 5 and 6 year olds doing.

and last is-

A Very Veggie Easter Collection:

This is a really great easter show compilation. it comes with two dvds and 2 cds. while watching “twas the night before easter” one of the little boys got really scared of some parts. so we had to turn that off. but overall the episode was awesome other than that while watching it on my own. the other one was alright for the kids to watch and they loved it and talked about Jesus rising from the dead and what easter meant to them. the cds are alright i preferred the Hosanna one to the other one but not something i’d really listen to normally.

check these out and keep an eye out for new veggietales releases!

i was provided these products in exchange for my review from Big Idea i was not compensated in any way. 

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