long overdue update.

Well its been awhile and I keep wanting to write but I never got around to it. Just like reading and blog reading in general. Ugh I’m so behind in everything. But everything else is going on and its just plain crazy.
So my mom had been having issues with her knee since January and in late June she got a second opinion from a doctor and he wanted to do surgery. And it happened a week after that on July 5th. Ugh it was just a huge crazy long ordeal with getting her medical leave and everything else. She is on the mend the first week was really tough with her not being able to do anything and everyone being super cranky. Shes used to getting up and going and that bothers her when she can’t do things the way she wants to. She is definitely a million times better now though. Not to 100 percent but getting there.
July 4th was alright we went to a friends for a BBQ and we were staying after it was over but people showed up late and we didn’t get to do what we wanted to do with our friends cause of those late comers. So that was really disappointing.
Um on the weight loss front I’ve lost a bit more. I have recently started working out on the recumbent bike we have. And I’m hoping to get more pounds off. I have noticed that my capris have a problem staying up and a few tanks I have are pretty loose. Its a good problem to have but its super annoying. I’ve also been in a dress mood. I was really disappointed though when this dress I love from target shrunk. Its not too bad but I guess once I lose weight in my chest It will be back to where I want it to be. And old navy has been surprising me with clothes because I used to never find anything there and I have found a ton of great dresses and for great deals. I just have to alter them a bit. So I’m excited about those. I just want to lose more pounds before my bffs wedding in august.
Yesterday we went to a party for our friends little girl. Its so weird she turned five and its just insane to me. We were supposed to stay after and hang out as that’s our usual routine for every kids party. But her parents sprung it on them two days ago that they were driving up. And they had to have been on the road way longer than when they decided to barge in on my friend. She wasn’t prepared for anything, plus is super stressed out and her parents are very difficult to get along with. So its rough and disappointing again but I just hope my friend doesn’t end up in the mental ward..
yesterday we found some great deals at goodwill, I’m super excited to go to goodwills in Oregon when we are down there.
Other than that I’m just behind in writing reviews, reading books and everything else in between.
I got a blood test to check my iron. My hair is growing a little bit more which is good cause I look less bald. But I want it all the way back to normal and I am hoping my iron is still low. But I was supposed to get a phone call with my results on Friday an that never happened. My doctor is gone all next week so that’s really irritating to me. Nothing I can do about that though. One good thing is, I had a patch of excema on my foot and now that’s completely gone. Probably from the food change. Now if I can only get rid of my dry cracked heals I’d be golden.
I guess that’s all I have to say. I’m trying to not be super negative, I just get really excited about progress but then still see how far I have to go with weight and hair and i just get really down about it. I dunno I just gotta keep pushing through.

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