i’m excited!

Well since I wrote that last post about marriage. I do feel better. Thank you to all those who commented. I feel a little less crazy about it. But we haven’t talked much more about it mostly because the boy is usually doing homework 24/7. blah. But it is what it is. Hopefully we can talk about it this week.
I’m getting super excited about things, our road trip to Oregon, I got a zoo pass, though we have to go there first haha. And i’m noticeably getting smaller! AND my hair is growing back!!!!! i’m so excited cause I look less bald. And the bad thing about getting smaller is that my clothes just aren’t fitting and I don’t have other ones. Like my capris I finally just took them off today cause I was tired of pulling them up every five seconds. I’m annoyed but happy at the same time. I gotta get working out though. I was going to today but I got interrupted with my neighbor needing help. So I did that but since i showered before in the morning that messes my whole routine up since I usually work out before I shower. Then I only get sweaty and gross once haha. I’m so weird about how I do things.
I need a hair cut bad, it got really long and stuff. I do have this irrational fear that if i get my hair cut it will look like i’m bald again though…
I was super annoyed because I haven’t gotten a phone call about my blood test results, I also got the bill for the labwork haha go figure. So I looked up to see if anything was in my online chart and it was. But I dunno if i’m supposed to do anything else so i’m a bit irritated again. I guess i’ll have to call tomorrow.
I dunno what else to really talk about. I just need to read and write reviews really badly. I have to write like 22 book reviews…… oh boy. I’m a little backlogged. But i’m just so excited about my hair and my weight. It just needs to be more and more hair and more weight gone. Then I will finally feel better.
Whats going on with everyone else?

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