its been awhile..

I’m going from my last post uh almost two months ago. To now and i’m not so excited. And quite honestly I just feel defeated in about pretty much everything.

Few weeks ago we went to portland/bend for my best friend colins wedding. While that was all great and nice. Honestly the trip sucked. Too much driving, not so much fun. It just wasn’t what I thought it’d be. And then the memories of getting robbed loomed over me. Probably didn’t help that I went on the street we were near when getting robbed and passed by the hotel I stayed at the night I got robbed. Uh awkward. Yeah too much driving, sucky goodwills, I hate gas getting pumped for me and other stuff. Meh

last week was a crappy week especially for injuries. I got my hand smashed by a cart at costco. It swelled up pretty bad and its severely bruised even now. I hurt a few other fingers after that on my other hand. I also hit my head on the car while bending over to adjust the seat. Totally got a huge goose egg on my head. Irritating it still hurts somewhat now.

Right now my knees hurt so bad.

I’m kinda blah cause I got off the wagon with working out and my eating low carb stuff. But honestly i’m just sad about multiple things.

The boy and I got hair cuts and the lady cut it uneven and its kinda shorter than I wanted. Which is kind of depressing. It looks good but blah.

I finally got a plan for my granny afghan but I had to stop crocheting cause I developed a spasm in my shoulder. Another irritating thing. I hope it stops soon. The thing is it makes me mad when its not all the same inches all the way around. But I did find this really great video that shows about steam blocking so i’m excited. I had to go find foam tiles and rust proof needles. Which I did get and as I was trying to find a super cheap used option I didn’t find it so I got a cheap option at harbor freight which was awesome! Hopefully my spasm goes away soon so I can finish and block that afghan.

Another thing i’m super into right now is cross stitching and i’ve found a bunch of great kits on ebay. But I needed more scroll frames I bought some but they were crap. So we just made our own. I still have to find fabric to staple to them so I can baste the aida fabric on. Hopefully that happens soon.

I dunno what else to say so thats about all for now.

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