where do i begin?

i don’t even know where to begin. last week was kinda crazy full of anxiety but thank goodness things are all good. not something i’m willing to talk about. but God provided for sure.

i started this bible reading plan on my phone. though i sorta fell off the wagon with it haha. oh gosh. i’m impossible.

i’m finally getting back to working on the blanket i only have 1 more row to finish. but the blanket is so big now. i’m excited to block it though. hopefully i have enough pins.

then i have to get back to cross stitching and needlepoint. i haven’t done any needle point before though and i have a stocking to do for the boy he picked it out last year. i did crochet him a christmas stocking but he wanted a needlepoint one. it should be interesting. i just wish it was cross stitch cause i know how to do that more than needlepoint. oh well hopefully it will go fast.

i’m behind in reading/reviewing. what else is new. but hopefully i can bust it all out.

excercising is going not so great. but i’ll remedy that soon.

saturday we went to a friends house for dinner and somehow my friend shelly and i got it in our heads to make her china cabinet area a craft cabinet. so we took everything out and got to work it was crazy. then sunday i decided i needed to organize and get stuff put away so i did that and it took forever then i was exhausted but it does look a whole lot better for sure.

i need to get some blankets and flannel sheets on my bed asap ugh its been so cold sleeping.

the boy and i are starting to really go over finances though he was too tired and sick feeling last night to do it. but hopefully soon we’ll figure stuff out.

i feel lke i need to get into blogging more but i’ve been so into other things instead. i dunno i’m kind of all over the place. next time i’ll share pictures of crafts. that should be fun! i guess i will get going and do stuff instead of ramble. feel free to comment if anyone is out there.

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