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Blame it on the Mistletoe preview

Blame It On the Mistletoe

A Novel of Bright’s Pond

By Joyce Magnin

Is There Really a Fountain of Youth in Paradise?

Welcome back to Bright ‘s Pond, where strange happenings are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing

Home. Strange even for Bright ‘s Pond. The residents suddenly act like kids again riding trikes,

climbing trees, and of all things falling in love. Some of the townsfolk blame it on the crooked

new gazebo, or its builder, a quirky little man who quotes Don Quixote, collects water from the

fountain at the Paradise trailer park, and disappears on a regular basis.

While Chief of Police Mildred Blessing investigates the mystery, Griselda and her friends

deal with a luau Thanksgiving, preparations for the Christmas pageant, and maybe even an

upcoming wedding. Only, in Bright ‘s Pond, nothing ever really goes as planned . . .

an excerpt here:

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