Dorothy Love’s “Carolina Gold” Southern Essentials $100 Visa Cash Card Giveaway and 1/14 Facebook Party!

The war is over, but her struggle is just beginning.
Charlotte Fraser returns to her late father’s once-flourishing rice plantation on the Waccamaw River, determined to continue growing the special kind of rice known as Carolina Gold. But Fairhaven Plantation is in ruins, the bondsmen are free, and money is scarce.
To make ends meet, Charlotte reluctantly accepts a position as tutor to the young daughters of Nicholas Betancourt, heir to the neighboring Willowood Plantation. Then Nick’s quest to prove his ownership of Willowood sends Charlotte on a dangerous journey that reveals an old family mystery—and threatens all that she holds dear.
Inspired by the life of a 19th century woman rice planter, Carolina Gold continues Dorothy Love’s winning tradition of weaving together mystery, romance, and rich historical detail, bringing to life the story of one young woman’s struggle to restore her ruined world. – Book Description

 My Thoughts:

it sounded interesting to me. but as i started to read it i’m not sure if it was my mood or what but i just couldn’t connect at all. it was unfortunate but sometimes that happens and then you pick it up at another point and it is something you like. for whatever reason i couldn’t connect at that moment. i will pick it up again later but for now i just don’t have much to say about it. except that i really love the cover.

i was provided a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for my review. i wasn’t compensated in any way

Don’t miss Dorothy Love‘s latest historical novel, Carolina Gold. Fun news: The release of Carolina Gold coincides with Dorothy’s birthday. Celebrate with her by entering the Southern Essentials Giveaway and RSVPing to her Facebook party on January 14th!


Between January 3–14, visit Dorothy Love’s Facebook Page to enter to win a new giveaway each day and be entered to win the $100 Visa Cash Card grand prize. Winners will be announced at the Facebook Author Chat party on January 14th! (Don’t have a Facebook account? Enter here.) RSVP today for Dorothy’s Carolina Gold Author Chat Party on Facebook.

During the party Dorothy will be hosting a book chat, testing your trivia skills, announcing the winner of the Southern Essentials Giveaway, and giving away books, gift certificates, and more. Oh, and she’ll also be giving partygoers an exclusive look at her next book!

So grab your copy of Carolina Gold and help Dorothy celebrate her birthday on the evening of January 14th! (If you haven’t read the book, don’t let that stop you from coming!)


281 thoughts on “Dorothy Love’s “Carolina Gold” Southern Essentials $100 Visa Cash Card Giveaway and 1/14 Facebook Party!

  1. Well I guess liking the cover is better than nothing! I hate it when I pick up a book expecting to enjoy it and it just doesn't "click." Especially since I have OCD when it comes to books and once I start one I HAVE to finish it, no matter what!

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