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Influenster Violet voxbox


i was provided the violet voxbox free of charge exchange for my review. i wasn’t compensated in anyway.

in this box i got a soy joy bar, dry shampoo, a bottle of nailpolish and a headband.

unfortunately this box was sort of a stinker for me. i don’t think the soyjoy bar is appetizing, i don’t use headbands because they just don’t stay on my head. dry shampoo freaks me out.

so the only thing left is the nailpolish. i do use that but not that often. i love the color the bottle was sort of hard to open though. it has that square cap but then you get that off and there is a regular circle type cap. which is super weird to me but its fine. i didn’t use it since it doesn’t ever stay on my fingernails and its too cold to use it on my toes. but i love sally hansen polish so i’m sure it will be great.

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