loose ends

Since i’ve vented everything out last I feel a bit better.

I’m just irritated because I have this weird ear ache/fluid in the ear type thing. Its getting better since taking benedryl though. I did put in some of that garlic oil stuff its a naturopathic remedy for an ear infection/ache. UGH that was horrible. I don’t like eye drops or drops in my ears. So I felt like I was gonna go insane. It felt so weird. And so gross.

Anyways this past weekend we went and started a bridal registry at macys. Which I was fun but its so overwhelming trying to think of what to put on it. And they gave us a bunch of stuff. Like little cards to put in invitations and stuff.

But its so weird cause the lady said for like shower invites/whatever else and I was thinking uhhh I doubt i’ll have a shower. And I don’t even think I have enough friends to do that. And I wouldn’t have anyone to throw one. So that is weird and awkward.

We intended to do target too but we were just too tired. Since we were doing other running around too.

I had it set in my mind I wanted to find some kind of basket that was fabric and moveable not stiff so I could put the yarn i’m using to make an afghan and then I didn’t have to put it in a plastic bag. And usually when I go out to find something I have imagined in my mind I never can find it and it doesn’t exist. And I totally found something. I was happy for two days! Its so exciting. And everytime I look over and see it it gets me excited all over again. I feel like such a freak.

I’m super behind in everything like reading but I finally got caught up on all blogs! So that was major.

I did almost finish one book. But its weird because I never ever start two books at one time. But I have like 7 that are a little bit read. Which is really irritating to me. So many unfinished. And no reviews written. Ugh.

But with wedding stuff and life stuff and everything else I just feel like I can’t ever be caught up on anything. Maybe I will be someday soon. But for now thats how it is.

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  1. We registered at Macy's, too, and it was a great experience! We didn't end up registering anywhere else because they seemed to have everything we could want. And I love how they offer cash back at the end… we got a gift card for like $200 or more I think. And how awesome that you found the basket for your yarn! It's so frustrating when you have something in your head and can't find it, so I'm glad it worked out for you!

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