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The Painted Table

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because plagiarism is serious business!

The cover for this book was somewhat intriguing and I didn’t know what it would be about. The writing has a nice flow upon the second attempt at reading it. I’m ten chapters in and I haven’t really fully gotten to know what it’s about yet still. But I know that it’s about some sort of mental anguish and it is kind of an odd story. I’m unsure if I like it yet or not. I’m just confused about what it’s really about yet. But I don’t dislike it!

So far there has been a rough upbringing for the main character, a child named Joann. She had a not very good family life. I think the parents are immigrants, and it was a very big family. The mother had mental problems and the father only wanted boys, but she kept giving birth to girls. She said that if he gave it away she’d kill herself, and he did. She went through with her promise, leaving eight kids to her husband. Now Joann is all grown up with kids of her own and has been gradually checking out, and one of her sisters has passed away. And now her mother-in-law brought this table to her before she moved away. The book description says that it’s the table that her own mom used to obsess over and keep painting new coats over time and again.

I am definitely intrigued, so I will keep reading this… and I may make an update on this sometime in the future.

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