i’m alive, we got married and moved twice

wow its been a long time since i wrote an actual post that wasn’t about books. so here we go.

on April 4th we got married, then went to Leavenworth, WA for a honeymoon. which didn’t last long cause we had to come back super quick on that Sunday cause we had marriage class at church. so that was a bummer. but it was a good trip and we are planning a return trip cause we loved going to that bed and breakfast. it was glorious.

we are going to have a big vacation/honeymoon in June after our reception. so that should be good.

so a few days before our wedding we got notified that our landlord didn’t feel comfortable renting to us so we had til the end of the month to get out… it was really infuriating especially because its not like the place was a great place. so i think it was cause we complained. but who wouldn’t? the oven was broken, the place was a pig stye. and it had ants. ugh it was a nightmare and we didn’t like to stay there at all. but we did at night. and stayed at my parents during the day and made food there.

we haven’t found a place and last weekend we moved Justin’s stuff to my parents. i never moved any of my stuff so i would just come here everyday and get clothes for the next day haha. it was pretty lame. but it was easier that i didn’t have to move any of my stuff. we did that Easter weekend. and go on planning the reception in June.

life is crazy and sometimes its downright mean but we’re making it. hopefully we can find a nice place soon but i just want my own house. even with how unrealistic it is. but maybe its not that unrealistic.  who knows.

i just know i’m tired and i feel more comfortable here. but one thing i will not get used to is snoring.  ughhh that guy snores so loud.

in other news last night. my mom went on the back deck and then saw lots of smoke. and we were all “oh fire!” and so then we went running down the block looking for it (we’re crazy and justin had no shoes on) it was a few blocks over. but we aren’t the only crazy ones cause we saw like 5 of our neighbors haha. but still justin had no shoes. we should have just jumped in the car. my mom went back for the car cause we went running down the street without the house locked cause we’re smart. but she went back and got the car and i just kept on running/walking it was so sad though. but boy was that adventure exhausting. but i’m also not feeling well. kinda stuffy and my ears have been bothering me.

hmm other than that i don’t know whats been going on. i’ve been feeling like not myself i hadn’t done all the things i love in weeks like reading or crafting i was a zombie i’m slowly getting myself back so thats good. but one thing i dunno about is everyone is all “you’re married!” does that mean i’m supposed to be some giddy person? i am just not that person. i’m not a mushy gushy person haha so i’m not sure what people are expecting me to be like? i dunno but its just yeah we’re married but its not much different than before. i do love him a ton though. we’re getting better. 🙂

thats about all for now.

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  1. Congratulations! I hope everything works out for you soon. I had a hard time adjusting to sleeping with my husband too but it was because he would hit me n his sleep! It took about 6 months for him to stop!

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