It has been a long time

where do i begin? life is just a hot hot mess.

everything and anything is going wrong all at once. but in the midst i’m back into finding myself.

i’ve decided to blog again, i’ve started to read more and i’ve discovered a love for a paper planner/stamping in it! i’m so excited to journey through life like this and i’m SO excited to blog again. and reading is literally so awesome.

i’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately i’ll share some pictures later on.

but other than that there have been family injuries, car wrecks, cancer, just plain drama and other health crisis’. such a mess. but we’ll get through it and we always do.

i just lost my nanny job of two years so i’m trying to pick up all the pieces, life wise and health wise. i will get through and i’m just so blessed in other ways so it will carry me through.

i’m not sure if anyone else reads this anymore or is subscribed but i’m happy to have you!!

until later!

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