What i’m reading lately..

awhile back I was in a crafting in addition to reading mood. but then i hurt myself crafting, my hand/wrist and it’s still not any better. so what ended up happening is a need to read all the books. I just got a kindle (it arrives soon) so I’m excited to start using that. but for now its all library all the time.  here is what I’ve read so far.


right now I’m reading this book, so far its pretty good:

Image result for serena valentino disney


I finished this one a few days ago:

Image result for jenna bush hager book

I had heard it was a good read and it shocked me that it was. I’m usually not into anything that has any ounce of politics related. i mean granted this isn’t really a politics book but does recount some events and how they felt about them personally. it was a pretty good book and it was a quite fast read.


I have so many more on my to be read pile. hopefully they are all great and fast reads. I will share more what they are in another post