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VeggieTales a Noah’s Ark DVD review

Noah and his family along with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone’s faith has been tested, and they’re ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God’s promises? Grab your umbrellas and find out in this VeggieTales re-telling of the beloved Bible story!

Featuring Wayne Brady as Noah’s son, Shem!! -dvd description

The newest VeggieTales dvd is out now! Noah’s Ark. it features celebrity Wayne Brady as the voice of Shem. that was a pleasant surprise to me, i love that guy! i thought i would have a hard time watching this because i don’t prefer the new look really. but it was actually not that noticeable. it was great and i love the subtle puns. also the kids i watch really enjoyed watching it and then were singing the songs the rest of the day! i really love how these can be for adults and kids and that the kids pick it all up so easily. it makes my heart happy.

i was provided with this dvd for free in exchange for my review i wasn’t compensated in any way.

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Influenster Violet voxbox


i was provided the violet voxbox free of charge exchange for my review. i wasn’t compensated in anyway.

in this box i got a soy joy bar, dry shampoo, a bottle of nailpolish and a headband.

unfortunately this box was sort of a stinker for me. i don’t think the soyjoy bar is appetizing, i don’t use headbands because they just don’t stay on my head. dry shampoo freaks me out.

so the only thing left is the nailpolish. i do use that but not that often. i love the color the bottle was sort of hard to open though. it has that square cap but then you get that off and there is a regular circle type cap. which is super weird to me but its fine. i didn’t use it since it doesn’t ever stay on my fingernails and its too cold to use it on my toes. but i love sally hansen polish so i’m sure it will be great.

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Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas… a Review!

its no surprise that i love veggietales. and also no surprise that i love duck dynasty. soo it was a natural pairing for me and i was SO excited to see this new christmas movie. its for sure a classic in the making. Silas the narrator is none other than Uncle Si from duck dynasty. i knew it had to be good and it was better than good. it was epic honestly. the story was great. the way that larry wanted to help someone who was having hard times. its the gift of the season. and this dvd is sure to bless you just by watching it. it totally made me shed a tear or two also. check this out for your christmas day!

i was provided a copy of this dvd for review purposes only. i wasn’t compensated in any way

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Review: MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle


Larry the Cucumber stars as MacLarry, a misfit inventor who is stuck in the middle of the silliest battle ever between two tribes of perpetual pranksters! When the biggest prank of the century is unleashed, the feuding tribes are in danger of being overcome by the stinkiest cheese in the land! Will MacLarry realize that his God-given talents may be just what is needed to save them from the rotten cheddar??

It’s always super exciting when a new veggietales DVD comes out. I don’t have kids and am not married yet but that doesn’t mean I’m not entertained by veggietales or even get something from it. You always no matter what age are able to gain something from the shows that big idea puts out. This one is no different. For one this one is SO hilarious. I really loved the humor. I loved that they were barber-barians instead of barbarians. And not only that but the leader of the pack was Chog-norious. Which instantly makes me think of chuck norus. SO amusing.
The messages are always great, I don’t have any one thing I would point out at all for the message. It would have been better to see what kids I know would have gotten from it. But I wasn’t able to get their input. I did love that they had veggietables I haven’t seen before. Like an ear of corn and a turnip. They were so cute I loved it. I loved it all the way around. I would recommend it for sure just like every one of the shows that big idea puts out. Always top notch. It is out now so go check it out.

Also they have a new Christmas DVD coming out in a few months which looks so awesome. I can’t wait to see it. Thank you to Big Idea for providing a copy of the DVD for review. I wasn’t compensated in anyway.

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VeggieTales Dvd Reviews!

Well i’m very behind in reviews so i’m going to clump them together. These are all veggietales movies and they are all available now.
First is-
Lettuce Love one another:

This is a compilation of three different veggietales shows, with other messages in between. its really awesome in my opinion i love to have a compilation like this. its cheaper and when you find that all of them go together to find the same message it makes it more awesome. i had shown this one to some of the kids i watch and they loved it. none were scary or anything. i just love the humor and the message.

next is –

The Little House That Stood:

this one was SO awesome it was so funny and so true and i love when you as an adult can still pick up on new things you didn’t know before. the kids LOVED this one and while watching they would pick up on little lessons and mention what the characters were doing wrong. it made them talk a lot about it which was great to hear 4 5 and 6 year olds doing.

and last is-

A Very Veggie Easter Collection:

This is a really great easter show compilation. it comes with two dvds and 2 cds. while watching “twas the night before easter” one of the little boys got really scared of some parts. so we had to turn that off. but overall the episode was awesome other than that while watching it on my own. the other one was alright for the kids to watch and they loved it and talked about Jesus rising from the dead and what easter meant to them. the cds are alright i preferred the Hosanna one to the other one but not something i’d really listen to normally.

check these out and keep an eye out for new veggietales releases!

i was provided these products in exchange for my review from Big Idea i was not compensated in any way. 

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Michael Buble review

 i’ve only heard a little of michael buble and i have seen him on the voice. but i’ve never really heard any songs from him that weren’t christmas ones. with that said this cd was pretty soothing. i don’t have a favorite song though because it kinda is that kind of music you pu ton the backround and sorta tune out but not totally tune it out. so i couldn’t really tell you a favorite song but i didn’t hate it! 

  • Everyone’s favorite Canadian crooner is back again, finding his harmony while making his way through the American songbook (and looking oh-so dapper in a suit)!
  • I want to take you on a wonderful journey about love—all different kinds of love,Michael says. “The album swings big time: it rocks, it’s soulful, it’s happy, sometimes a little sad. It’s romantic, it’s yummy, and it’s heartfelt.”
  • To Be Loved, out now, finds the Grammy winner covering songs by Frank Sinatra, the Bee Gees, Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, and more. In the mix of golden standards are four original songs co-written by Bublé, dipping into his personal life for inspiration.
  • “Do not think I take my success these last ten years for granted. I was anything but an overnight sensation, which inspires me to deliver big time for my fans—maybe even make some new ones this time out.” says Bublé. “I labored over every song, every note and every arrangement because I can’t resist trying to make each record better than my last one.”
  • These are good times for the singer, who is about to become a first-time dad. He sounds like a man in love with life. “I wrote Close Your Eyes about my wife and about the power of all the women in my life—my sisters, my mom, my grandma and all women in general. Let’s face it, where would we be without them? I Got It Easy, another original, is basically a song where I count my blessings and is a reminder to me and everyone to appreciate all the good parts of life. I’m a very lucky guy and I never want to forget it.

Check this album out on amazon

To Be Loved Track Listing:

1. “You Make Me Feel So Young”
2. “It’s a Beautiful Day”
3. “To Love Somebody”
4. “Who’s Lovin You”
5. “Something Stupid” (featuring Reese Witherspoon)
6. “Come Dance with Me”
7. “Close Your Eyes”
8. “After All” (featuring Bryan Adams)
9. “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” (with Naturally 7)
10. “To Be Loved”
11. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”  
12. “Nevertheless (I’m in Love with You)” (featuring The Puppini Sisters)
13. “I Got It Easy”    
14. “Young at Heart”

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the album to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

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Influenster Palmolive box

For this box Influenster sent three full sized dish soaps.

i didn’t know how that would ship i had seen a bunch of people say that their soaps had leaked and most of it was gone. so i was a little worried about that but i got it and only one had leaked but it wasn’t much of a leak at all. the bottle just wasn’t shut all the way.

so my opinion on these, i did not like the ginger one. but the lemon thyme and the lime ones were great. i gave the ginger one to my moms work and they were excited about it.

i am not sure about the soaps in general though because it seems like it takes a lot more soap to get a good sudsiness to the water. at least compared to dawn which is what we normally use. it did wash the grease off pretty good though. the lids don’t really open and close with ease that makes you want to not use it honestly. would i buy it normally? probably not but it was a good thing to try. thank you to influenster for providing these for review!

i wasn’t compensated in anyway and my thoughts are my own.

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Emmy Rossum Album Review

I recieved this album for review from one2one. honestly i have no idea who this person is so i didn’t have any expectations. which is good to have when you are listening to music. while i didn’t love it, i didn’t hate it either. her voice was good but it seemed too slow for me when right now i’m really into indie stuff like the lumineers and mumford and sons. but if you’d like to check it out its more of a jazzy type feel.

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

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Influenster Cosmo Voxbox Review!

Have you heard of Influenster? its a program that is invite only and they send you boxes of items to test and review. if you would like an invite let me know and i’ll email you one!
when i got the email about qualifying for a voxbox i was super excited! it was my first one. and honestly i didn’t think i was going to qualify for one at all so i was SO much more excited. so this is the cosmo voxbox! it was great to find what was in it since i was convinced there would be  a bunch of things i didn’t like. 
first off there is the Venus Embrace Razor from Gillette:
i tend to be picky with razors mostly because i get razor burn a lot or sometimes my skin freaks out. i tested this on my legs with each blade. with all of Gillette’s razors you can mix and match the cartridges which is pretty cool i think. like if one is on sale you can just get that and it will fit. that’s a great feature to have. i liked the embrace cartridge more than the olay cartridge. the olay smell i was not a fan of and since it had a bunch of lubrication on it i didn’t put anything else on my leg to assure i didn’t get razor burn. but it did burn a little, and it didn’t get all the hair off the first time. though with either cartridge i did not get nicked. but the embrace worked best for me. i tried one on each leg since i haven’t shaved for months (tmi) again i’m a fan of the Embrace rather than the olay. 
Next up is the FriXion pen by pilot:
i’m super picky with pens and honestly these passed the test. they are SO amazing and erasable. i remember a long time ago having erasable pens and they never really worked so well. but these are great. 

Since this said sea salt chocolate i thought it would be amazing! but for me it just didn’t pass. i didn’t really like it. it would have been much better with caramel and sea salt.  super disappointing.

last but not least:

this is a fragrance spray from bath and body works which i love! its called forever red and it has pomegranate, red osmanthus (not sure what that is), and vanilla rum. its much better than i expected. but for the most part bath and body works does amazing things in general. i’m excited to wear it.

Thank you to influenster for this box of goodies to review. i was not compensated in any way.

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Review: Basic DVD series by Francis Chan

Francis chan has this series of dvds that are called “Basic” there is 7 dvds in all and they are about 10 minutes a piece. Its more of a small group discussion type of thing. But there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t watch them by yourself and contemplate them yourself, or with a friend or spouse also.
“Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. BASIC is a seven-part series of short films that challenges us to reclaim the church as Scripture describes it to be. This series speaks to those who have questions about the church and to those who may have lost interest in the church.

What is church?
You are church.
I am church.
We are church.

The DVD’s in the series are:
“Fear God”
“Follow Jesus”
“Holy Spirit”

i thought that these were really awesome. the 2nd and 3rd ones i didn’t get into as much as the rest. from the 4th through the 7th dvd they were really eye catching and you really just wanted to follow through with the rest of the story as it played out. but also Francis Chan always has great things to say. He is such a great speaker so this series is just good by itself even without a small group discussion like its really meant for. i suggest you check these out in a small group or just alone they are awesome. thank you to David Cook for providing these to review!

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Review of Big Idea Products

Today I am going to review three Veggietales products!

Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!”

“Featuring favorite Veggie shows, including: Pistachio: The Little Boy Who Woodn’t (A Lesson in Listening to Your Parents), Lyle the Kindly Viking (A Lesson in Kindness) and Dave & The Giant Pickle (A Lesson in Self-Esteem), all with a message of how you don’t have to be big to be able to do great things! Plus all new footage from the adorable Veggie Kids!”

This one was super cute it has little videos of kid veggies with kid voices it kills me how cute that is. I just can’t explain it. But WAY cute. All of these videos are great. The only one I hadn’t seen before was Pistachio and that was a pretty good one.

3-2-1 Penguins-The Complete Series”

 “is the popular NBC TV series now available in one complete set for the first time! It includes 13 episodes and fun bonus features!”

Never having seeing 321 penguins before I was excited to see it for the first time on a disc with lots of episodes. But I just couldn’t get into it and never went past the 1st episode. It just wasn’t funny or clever and mostly just boring for me.

Bob and Larry Go Country”

“It’s time to hoot and holler with Bob, Larry and the whole posse as they round up all-time favorite, top country songs like “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” “Jesus Take the Wheel,” and “God Bless the USA;” you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kick up your boot heels and play it over and over again!”

I do like country song some of the time. And I had an open mind for most of the cd. And it was amusing at some points. But I just couldn’t listen anymore it was just too weird and too much for me. So I didn’t really enjoy it that much. Which was such a bummer.

Stay tuned for more reviews for veggietales products!

thanks to Big Idea for providing these for review free of charge. my thoughts are my own and i was not compensated in anyway.

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Review: The Ultimate Veggietales Christmas Collection


It’s A Veggie Christmas Marathon! Plug in the tree, light the fire and get ready for the VeggieTales Christmas Extravaganza!

Big Idea has put out a new christmas collection! i was SO excited to get the opportunity to review this. I LOVE veggietales and I love veggitales christmas even more! its just so lovely! on this collection it has every VeggieTales Christmas DVD that is out. Plus there is a cd that has 25 christmas songs. here is the list of what is on the 2 disc collection.

  • Includes:

    • It’s a Meaningful Life
    • Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving
    • The Little Drummer Boy
    • The Toy that Saved Christmas
    • The Star of Christmas
    • Christmas Singalong DVD
    • + 25 Song CD! Approx. 243 minutes

Now i had seen most of these before, except for The Star of Christmas. and i love them all. they are so clever and just all around great. its the best that there is the christmas cd too. i will definitely put all those songs (except feliz navidad cause i kinda despise that song) on my mp3 player come christmas time. the only thing bad about this collection is the singalong dvd. i just don’t really see a point to those. maybe for older kids who can read but i’m not sure what else it is useful for.

other than that its awesome. i just love that they made a collection like this.

And right now this is happening!

thank you to big idea for providing this for review all my thoughts are my own. and i was not compensated in any way.

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Kylie Minogue Album review

The Abbey Road Sessions features sixteen tracks, all radically reworked, spanning Kylie’s incredible twenty-five-year career. It was recorded in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios with Kylie’s band and a full orchestra. The album features many of Kylie’s best-known hits and previously unreleased tracks. Over all sixteen tracks, one thing becomes very clear—stripped of her high-end pop production, the emotional resonance of Kylie’s songs has never been clearer, and her voice has never sounded better.

My Thoughts:
i only remember hearing one song of hers before and that was a long time ago. it wasn’t horrible. but i just couldn’t get into this cd. it bored me to death. i dunno what it was but i guess its cause i’m more into indie stuff these days. but you can’t get into everything.

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

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Chris Mann Album review

As a finalist on the hit NBC television series “The Voice,” Chris Mann captured the hearts of millions while drawing the respect of platinum talents such as Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo. Following one of his many dynamic live performances on the show, Aguilera told him, “I
feel the heavens open up when you sing.” America agreed, and when the series ended, Chris had not one, but two songs on the iTunes Top 10 Pop Singles Chart.

Influenced by Pavarotti, Robbie Williams and vintage Sinatra, Chris’ blend of classically-trained tenor and contemporary pop vocals is a sound that’s rare in music today. Said Cee Lo, “He is by far one of the most incomparable vocalists I have ever heard.”

This classical crossover artist is set to release his Christmas EP on October 9 and his full-length major label debut album on October 30.

My Thoughts:

I wasn’t familiar with this guy at all. i haven’t watched the voice until this season. so i had no idea what to expect really. i went in with an open mind i do like a lot of different genres of music so i assumed i would like this too. unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case. i listened to the whole album and i kept skipping to the next song to see if i was gonna like the next one. and it just didn’t happen. the music was slow and sounded too operaish for me.

This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own

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The League of Incredible Vegetables Review and Giveaway!

I was so excited to get the league of incredible vegetables for review. It was definitely one of the most anticipated dvds for me. And it was pure amazing. 

Here is the description:

“It was a bright and sunny day in Bumblyburg…until Dr. Flurry came to town.  This chillin’ villain wants to freeze the whole city…in fear! It’s a job to big for LarryBoy alone, so he turns to the “The League of Incredible Vegetables” to help save the town from Dr. Flurry’s icy grip!  When it seems like they’re all moments from the deep freeze, will the League remember to turn to One who is bigger than all our fears?  Includes a brand new theme song and music video from Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning group, The Newsboys!”
Lesson: Handling fear
Verse:  “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” Psalm 56:3

My thoughts:

I loved it, it didn’t disappoint me at all. I love that they are touching on fear and how to handle it. And that they sorta tied it to the “wheres God when i’m scared” veggietales video. And since superheros are kinda big right now i felt like it was a really great move to make a dvd with them. it gives kids a better way to go about things when they watch this instead of a secular superhero show. They never cease to disappoint in the humor department too. I love that i can watch it by myself as an adult and still get something out of it with humor and with the lesson. And the theme song is super catchy also. Overall its just a great dvd.

Now for the best part! you can win a copy of the dvd! Just comment and leave your email and the winner will be drawn on November 9th!

Thanks to Big Idea for providing this dvd for review and a giveaway copy also!

This giveaway is for US residents only!